How do I obtain a Certificate of Good Standing? (July 2, 2022)

If you are admitted to the District of Nevada Bar, and you would like a Certificate of Good Standing, please do the following:

Log into the court’s CM/ECF website with your individual PACER login and click on “Civil”, and then click on “Certificate of Good Standing”, which is found on the menu under “Attorney Utility”. When prompted, enter your name and bar number. You will be prompted to enter your credit card information for payment of the $20.00 processing fee. Note: If you need certificates for multiple attorneys, you will need to log in to each attorney’s PACER account to order their certificate of good standing.

After verifying the attorney’s status, the Clerk’s Office will send the completed certificate to the attorney’s email address within 1 business day. There is an option to have the certificate printed and mailed instead if you do not want it emailed. Call the court at (702) 464-5555 if you have any additional questions.