Admission to the Bar of this Court

An attorney who is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Nevada and of good moral and professional character may apply for admission to the bar of this court, LR IA 11-1. Admission to practice before the Supreme Court of Nevada, in good standing, is a continuing condition of admission to the bar of this court.

To apply:

  1. Prepare a motion by a member of the bar of this court on the form.
  2. Log in to PACER Manage Account to begin admission process and submit the motion form. See instructions.
  3. Pay the admission fee of $212.00. The clerk will email the payment link after reviewing your admission request.
  4. Take the oath. The clerk will email instructions for making arrangements to take the oath.

The clerk will issue a certificate of admission following the oath.

An attorney must be admitted to the bar of this court before e-filing privileges are approved.

Admission to Practice in a Particular Case

An attorney who has been retained or appointed to appear in a particular case but is not a member of the bar of this court may appear only with the court’s permission. Applications must be by verified petition on the form. Please review the court’s local rule, LR IA 11-2, for further details. Admission fee is $250.00 for every verified petition filed in each case. The attached certification that the applicant is a member in good standing should be issued within the last six months of the date of application.

An attorney appearing in a particular case must have an approved verified petition before e-filing privileges will be approved. You may register for e-filing through Manage PACER Account at

E-Filing Registration

To register for e-filing with the District of Nevada, you must have an upgraded individual PACER account. 

  1. Log in to Manage PACER Account and go to Maintenance tab.
  2. Select Attorney Admission/E-File Registration and Nevada District Court.
  3. If already admitted, select E-File Registration Only.
  4. Complete all the sections on the E-File Registration page and Submit.

Click here for detailed step-by-step instructions.