Clerk’s Office:

The employees at the court are here to assist you. We strive to provide you with the highest level of service possible. The main number for the Las Vegas Clerk’s Office is 702-464-5400. The main number for the Reno Clerk’s Office is 775-686-5800.

The help desk number for assistance with electronic filing in CM/ECF is 702-464-5555 for Las Vegas and 775-686-5800 for Reno, or toll free at 1-888-324-8394.

You may search the court’s records in person at the clerk’s office in Las Vegas and Reno during regular business hours at no charge.

Access to the court’s records is also available via the Internet through PACER, a web-based system that provides access to electronic federal case dockets and filings at the per-page fee established by the Judicial Conference of the United States.

You may submit a written request for the clerk’s office to search our records for a name or case by completing a Copy and Service Request form available on our website. The clerk’s office is required to charge a fee for each name or case searched.

The fee for court staff to reproduce any record or paper is $0.50 per page. You may request copies of court documents by completing a Copy and Service Request form.

Copies produced from PACER or the court’s public terminal are $.10 per page.

Fee Schedule

The clerk’s office can:

  • explain and answer questions about how the court works;
  • provide phone numbers for local legal services;
  • provide court calendars and forms; and
  • provide access to the electronic case file at the public lobby terminal.

The clerk’s office cannot:

  • give legal advice such as if you should or should not file a case;
  • calculate deadlines for your case absent what is on the public docket;
  • interpret laws or court orders;
  • assist with writing pleadings and filings; and
  • communicate with the Judge on your behalf or allow you talk to the Judge outside of a court hearing.


Case Filing:

Leave of court is required to be removed from a case, LR IA 11-6.

If an order is entered removing an attorney, the docket will reflect that the attorney is “terminated” and is no longer the attorney of record.

No.  The court does not accept documents for filing by facsimile or email.

A person who is not registered as an electronic filer must file documents by delivering originals to the clerk’s office by hand delivery, U.S. Mail, or similar carrier service such as Federal Express, LR IC 2-1.

Only with the approval from the court.  You will be required to submit an Application to Proceed Without Prepaying Fees with your complaint or petition.

Sealed documents can only be viewed by the court unless and until further order of the court.  Ex parte documents are made available on the public docket the day after they are filed. Witness lists can be viewed by the case participants and the court. Documents in Social Security Appeals and Immigration cases (Fed.R.Civ.P. 5.2(c)) can be viewed by case participants, the court, and at the clerk’s office public terminal.

Note: You must log into CM/ECF with your e-filer login and password in order to view documents restricted to case participants only.  The system will verify you are a party in the case by your login ID; therefore, the CM/ECF login used must be associated with an attorney that has appeared in the case and is listed on the docket.

A person acting as his or her own attorney may request the court’s authorization to register as a filer in his or her specific case, LR IC 2-1(b).

Note:  All communications with the court must be styled as a motion, stipulation, or notice, and must be filed in the court’s docket, LR IA 7-1(b).

Public documents are available on the PACER system.  You can access and register for PACER at   There is a public computer terminal at each of the clerk’s office locations where you can view your documents for free.

One original of each document should be filed. An attorney or pro se party who wishes to receive a file-stamped copy of any pleading or other paper must submit one additional copy and, if by mail, a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope. A party who is granted leave to proceed in forma pauperis need not submit a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.  LR 10-1

File with the court a written notification of any change to contact information in your case, LR IA 3-1.

There are three types of restricted documents:

  1. sealed documents;
  2. ex parte documents; and,
  3. other select documents that contain personal identifiers (See Fed.R.Civ.P. 5.2 and Fed.R.Crim.P. 49.1).

Documents filed under seal can only be viewed by the court unless and until further order of the court. Documents filed ex parte are filed on the docket, but not served on other parties. Unlike sealed documents, ex parte documents will appear on the public docket the day after being filed. Other select documents may be restricted due to the inclusion of person identifiers, such as financial account numbers and social security numbers.  Witness lists and some documents filed in Social Security Appeal cases and Immigration cases are restricted to case participants only.

Note: You must log into CM/ECF using the login and password for an attorney that has properly appeared in the case, and is listed as attorney of record on the docket, in order to view documents that are restricted in Social Security Appeals and Immigration cases.

No.  For a non-electronic filer, the court and opposing parties send documents in paper form via U.S. mail or other delivery service.  For registered CM/ECF users, documents are provided electronically through the use of CM/ECF.

No.  The requesting party must submit properly completed proposed summons forms.  The clerk will issue the summons if they are timely, the filing fee is paid, or at any time at the direction of the court.  Summons are not issued prior to the ruling on a motion to proceed in forma pauperis.


Tickets on Federal Land:

You can pay for your citation online at Click on the “Pay On-Line” link on the home page. Have a copy of your ticket available as you will need the CVB Location code located in the box at the top right corner of your ticket.

You may contact the Central Violations Bureau by calling 800-827-2982 for your current balance and payment information.  Use option 4 to hear an automated recording with the status of your ticket.

Federal citations (tickets) are issued by law enforcement personnel from agencies such as the National Park Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife, Nellis Air Force Base, U.S. Forest Service, Hoover Dam Police/Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Land Management, and V.A. Police. If the citation you received does not say “United States District Court Violation Notice” across the top, then you did not receive a federal ticket. For other citations contact the Reno Justice Court at 775-325-6503 (northern nevada) or the Las Vegas Justice Court at 702-671-3444 (southern nevada).

If the Notice to Appear shows an amount due, you may choose to pay your fine in full instead of appearing in court. Your payment must be received 24 hours prior to your scheduled court date to avoid further action.  You may pay on-line at

You may contact the Central Violations Bureau (CVB) to request a transfer to the U.S. District Court where you live.  CVB phone: 1-800-827-2982; CVB Email:

Please be advised:  To request a transfer, you must be willing to plead “guilty” and waive your right to a trial. If you intend to plea “not guilty,” you must make your initial appearance at the designated court. You must return to court for trial at the date and time set at your initial appearance.

Yes, appearance is mandatory.

You will be notified by the Central Violations Bureau of your court date by mail. You will receive a Notice to Appear usually within 4 to 8 weeks from issuance of the ticket.

If you fail to pay the amount due or to appear in court on the date and time scheduled, the court may issue a summons ordering you to appear or issue a warrant for your arrest.

The Central Violations Bureau (CVB) is a national center responsible for processing all federal violation citations (tickets). This includes violations that occur on federal property such as federal buildings, national parks, military installations, post offices, Veteran Affairs medical centers, national wildlife refuges, and national forests.

Contact the Central Violations Bureau at 1-800-827-2982 for the most current balance and payment information.

For petty offense and Central Violations Bureau citations (tickets), contact the Las Vegas clerk’s office at 702-464-5405 or the Reno clerk’s office at 775-686-5800. Please leave your name, address, phone number, citation number and scheduled court date so that someone can contact you.

Payments must be received on or before the scheduled court date.

Mail your payment to:
Central Violations Bureau
P.O. Box 780549
San Antonio, TX 78278

Note:  Include your location code and ticket number on all payments for proper credit.