Fee NameDescriptionFeeEffective Date
ApostilleFor issuance of an apostille of any document filed with the court.$47.0010/1/2019
Appeal to District JudgeTo file an appeal of a judgment of conviction by a Magistrate Judge in a misdemeanor case.$39.0012/1/2020
Appeal to Ninth Circuit Court of AppealsTo file an appeal with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Includes the clerk's $5.00 filing fee and the $500.00 court of appeals docketing fee. Fees are to be paid at the district court.$505.0012/1/2016
Certificate of Good StandingFor a duplicate certificate of admission or a certificate of good standing.$20.0012/1/2020
CertificationTo certify any document or paper filed with the court, whether the certification is made directly on the document or by separate instrument.$11.0012/1/2016
Civil Filing Fee$350 filing fee plus $52 administrative fee; admin fee does not apply to persons granted in forma pauperis status under 28 U.S.C. 1915.$402.0012/1/2020
Copying Electronic FormatFor Court staff to reproduce any document from an electronic format, $.10 per page. This fee does not include certification.$0.1012/1/2016
Copying Non-electronicFor Court staff to reproduce any paper record that is not electronic, $.50 per page. This fee does not include certification.$0.5012/1/2016
Cuban Liberated Civil Filing FeeFor filing an action brought under Title III of the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (LIBERTAD) Act of 1996. This fee is in addition to the standard $400.00 filing fee.$6,800.00 12/1/2020
ExemplificationFor exemplification of any document filed with the court.$23.0012/1/2020
Local Attorney AdmissionFor admission of a local attorney to practice, includes certificate of admission.$212.0012/1/2020
Miscellaneous Action Filing FeeTo file or index any paper not in a case or proceeding for which a case filing fee has been paid; filing a petition to perpetuate testimony; filing of papers by trustees under 28 U.S.C. 754; filing letters rogatory or letters of request.$49.0012/1/2020
Out-Of-State Attorney AdmissionFor admission of attorney not admitted to the Bar of this Court - $250.00 for EACH Verified Petition.$250.0012/1/2016
Petition for Writ of Habeas CorpusTo file a petition for writ of habeas corpus.$5.0012/1/2016
Power of AttorneyTo file a power of attorney.$49.0012/1/2020
Recorder Audio CDsFor a copy of an audio recording of a court proceeding that was not reported by an official court reporter.$32.0012/1/2020
Records SearchTo file a requisition for and certifying the results of a search of court for judgments, decrees, other instruments, and suits pending. Fee is for each name searched.$32.0012/1/2020
Registering a Foreign JudgmentTo register a judgment from another district pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1963.$49.0012/1/2020
Retrieval from Federal Records CenterFor retrieval of one box of records from the Federal Records Center, National Archives, or other storage location removed from the place of business of the Court, $64. For retrievals involving multiple boxes, $39 for each additional box. For electronic retrievals, $10 plus any charges assessed by the Federal Records Center, National Archives, or other storage location removed from the place of business of the courts.$64.0012/1/2016
Returned PaymentsFor any payment paid into the Court which is returned or denied for insufficient funds.$53.0012/1/2016