How can I be admitted to practice before the United States District Court, District of Nevada? (updated June 9, 2021)

For attorneys admitted in Nevada and maintaining Nevada offices:

  1. Complete a Motion for Admission to Practice;
  2. Present the motion with the appropriate fee personally to the clerk’s office (please make checks payable to Clerk, US District Court);
  3. Be sworn in and sign the register.

See Local Rule LR IA 11-1.

For admission to practice in a particular case:

  1. Complete a  Verified Petition for Permission to Practice in This Case Only by Attorney Not Admitted to the Bar of This Court and Designation of Local Counsel attaching a certification of good standing;
  2. Send the completed form to the clerk’s office with the appropriate fee or have local counsel electronically file.

See Local Rule LR IA 11-2.