If your civil case is proceeding in federal court, there are different procedural issues that may arise prior to a case proceeding to trial.

First, you may need to ask the Court to take some action. To make such a request, you must file a motion. Conversely, the opposing party may file a motion, in which case, you must file a response. If you need assistance filing a motion, opposition to a motion, or a reply, press the “Motions” button below.

In addition, during a civil case, both parties have the right to request items and information from the opposing party related to the claims or defenses. This process is called, “discovery.” There are several aspects to the discovery process. If you need assistance or forms related to discovery, press the “Discovery” button below.

Finally, at the conclusion of a civil case, a party may seek to have the decisions in their case reviewed by a higher court. This is referred to as an “appeal.” If you need assistance with an appeal, press the “Appeals” button below.