Based on the answers to the Venue Quiz, it appears venue may be proper in the District of Nevada. Please proceed to Step 2 below

Prior to filing your lawsuit, please follow the following steps.

Step 2: Filing Your Complaint

If venue is proper in the Federal District Court of Nevada, you may file your lawsuit in the Federal District Court of Nevada. In order to start your lawsuit, you must file a complaint, which must be accompanied by several other documents.

Please press the “complaint packet” button to the left, which will provide you a packet of documents. These documents include instructions and forms that you will need to file your federal lawsuit. 

Please read the instructions carefully and fill out all documents in the packet that apply to you and your claims. Note: NOT all forms contained in this packet may apply in every case. Therefore, it is important for you to read and follow all of the instructions provided in the packet to ensure that all of the forms necessary for your case are properly filled out and provided to the Court.