The Court is in the process of resuming trials. As cases resolve or move off the trial stack, your placement on the stack will move up. The list below are the trials scheduled in Reno on the upcoming trial stack(s). The list is updated periodically. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the courtroom administrator for the assigned judge.

PriorityTrial DateJudgeCase NumberCase Title
October 17/October 18 Trial Stack:
110/18/2022MMD3:21-cr-00038-MMD-CLBUSA v. Jeffery Pishion
October 31/November 1 Trial Stack:
110/31/2022RCJ3:20-cr-00054-RCJ-CLBUSA v. Alfredo Salas-Silva
211/1/2022ART3:21-cr-00018-ART-CLBUSA v. Delwyn Wright
310/31/2022RCJ3:22-cr-00017-RCJ-CLBUSA v. Matthew John Nason
410/31/2022LRH3:22-cr-00009-LRH-CSDUSA v. Martin Williams
510/31/2022LRH3:22-cr-00003-LRH-CSDUSA v. Antonio Arias
611/1/2022ART3:22-cr-00057-ART-CLBUSA v. Cornell William Burt (2)
710/31/2022RCJ3:21-cr-00030-RCJ-CLBUSA v. Jeremiah Lee Severs
810/31/2022RCJ3:21-cr-00047-RCJ-CSDUSA v. Marshall Jackson, Jr.
911/1/2022ART3:20-cr-00042-ART-CLBUSA v. Jennifer Michelle Elward
1010/31/2022MMD3:18-cr-00077-MMD-CSDUSA v. Haseeb Malik (1), Abdul Majid (2)
1111/7/2022HDM3:21-cr-00019-HDM-CSDUSA v. Gail Manney
1210/31/2022RCJ3:22-cr-00022-RCJ-CSDUSA v. Kurtis Lee Solomon
1311/7/2022RCJ3:19-cv-00067-RCJ-CSDPerez v. Barrick Goldstrike Mines, Inc.
1411/1/2022ART3:19-cv-00442-ART-CSDPeterson v. N & C Transport Inc et al
November 14/November 15 Trial Stack:
111/14/2022RCJ3:22-cr-00026-RCJ-CSDUSA v. Clyde Buckley, III
211/15/2022ART3:22-cr-00039-ART-CLBUSA v. Cody Dean Allen Twitchell
311/14/2022LRH3:22-cr-00061-LRH-CLBUSA v. Brian Kenneth Nash
411/15/2022ART3:22-cr-00041-ART-CSDUSA v. Roberto Castanon-Sanchez
511/15/2022MMD3:22-cr-00024-MMD-CLBUSA v. Christopher Michael Crawford
611/15/2022MMD3:21-cr-00050-MMD-CSDUSA v. Justin James Dolliver
711/14/2022LRH3:21-cr-00029-LRH-CSDUSA v. Jeremiah Stark
811/15/2022ART3:22-cr-00023-ART-CSDUSA v. David Ramirez
911/15/2022ART3:19-cv-00063-ART-CLBHammons v. Michael Dante, et al.