The list below are the jury trials scheduled in Reno on the upcoming trial stack(s). The list is updated periodically. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the courtroom administrator for the assigned judge. (Bench trials are not included.)

PriorityTrial DateJudgeCase NumberCase Title
June 26/June 27 Trial Stack:
16/26/2023RCJ3:20-cr-00054-RCJ-CLBUSA v. Alfredo Salas-Silva
26/27/2023MMD3:22-cr-00010-MMD-CLBUSA v. Christine Dawn Lynn Carson
36/27/2023MMD3:22-cr-00044-MMD-CSDUSA v. Nassrollah Behmard (1), et al.
46/27/2023MMD3:22-cr-00033-MMD-CLBUSA v. Melody Kirkpatrick (1), Steven Scherer (3)
56/27/2023MMD3:22-cr-00053-MMD-CLBUSA v. Steven Scherer
66/27/2023ART3:22-cr-00057-ART-CLBUSA v. Jahmal David Hayes (1), Cornell William Burt (2)
76/27/2023MMD3:22-cr-00020-MMD-CSDUSA v. Brandi Rae Johnson
86/27/2023MMD3:22-cr-00024-MMD-CLBUSA v. Christopher Michael Crawford
96/26/2023LRH3:22-cr-00021-LRH-CLBUSA v. Efrain Montalvo
106/27/2023ART3:23-cr-00020-ART-CLBUSA v. Ramiro Garcia (1), et al.
116/27/2023ART3:22-cr-00031-ART-CSDUSA v. Nathan McKinney
July 10/July 11 Trial Stack:
17/11/2023ART3:22-cr-00015-ART-CLBUSA v. Robert Chavez
27/11/2023ART3:22-cr-00030-ART-CLBUSA v. Leonardo Delgado
37/11/2023MMD3:23-cr-00018-MMD-CLBUSA v. Manuel Salvador Gil-Solano
47/10/2023LRH3:21-cr-00029-LRH-CSDUSA v. Jeremiah Stark
57/10/2023LRH3:21-cr-00055-LRH-CLBUSA v. Jose Enrique Flores
67/11/2023ART3:22-cr-00052-ART-CSDUSA v. Yon Brayan Martinez Dominguez (1), Ramon Michel Navarro Ceja (2)
77/11/2023ART3:22-cr-00023-ART-CSDUSA v. David Ramirez