The Court is in the process of resuming trials. As cases resolve or move off the trial stack, your placement on the stack will move up. The list below are the trials scheduled in Reno on the upcoming trial stack(s). The list is updated periodically. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the courtroom administrator for the assigned judge.

PriorityTrial DateJudgeCase NumberCase Title
June 6 Trial Stack:
16/7/2022ART3:21-cr-00011-ART-CSDUSA v. Ryan Thomas Eley
26/6/2022ART3:21-cr-00053-ART-CSDUSA v. Kathy Cooksey
36/6/2022LRH3:21-cr-00048-LRH-CLBUSA v. Kevin Littleworth
June 21 Trial Stack:
16/21/2022ART3:21-cr-00018-ART-CLBUSA v. Delwyn Wright
26/21/2022ART3:21-cr-00032-ART-CSDUSA v. Troy Van Duncan
36/21/2022ART3:21-cr-00037-ART-CSDUSA v. Eduardo Alvarez, Jr.
46/21/2022MMD3:21-cr-00046-MMD-CSDUSA v. James Patrick Burns
56/21/2022LRH3:22-cr-00021-LRH-CLBUSA v. Efrain Montalvo
66/21/2022LRH3:20-cr-00052-LRH-CLBUSA v. Robert Wagoner
76/27/2022LRH3:20-cr-00059-LRH-CSDUSA v. Jose Guerrero-Lopez
86/21/2022MMD3:21-cr-00038-MMD-CLBUSA v. Jeffrey Pishion
96/21/2022MMD3:18-cv-00431-MMD-CSDMeeks v. Nevada Department of Corrections, et al
107/5/2022ART3:22-cr-00004-ART-CSDUSA v. Evan Ray Atkinson