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    • 702-464-5600, option #0 (Calls will be returned as soon as possible)
    • 866-546-0513, option #0 (Toll Free)
    • 702-464-5600, option #3 (Reporting Message)
    • 702-464-5611
COMPLETE and SUBMIT your Qualification Questionnaire within ten (10) DAYS through eJuror.

The court understands that not all prospective jurors have access to a computer. You may wish to have someone with internet access (friend/family member) help you or you may use your local library's public computer terminals to access the eJUROR system. If none of these options are available to you a paper copy of the questionnaire can be mailed to you. You must complete and return the paper questionnaire at your own expense, and it must be returned immediately - within five (5) days.

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RESPOND to your Summons for Jury Service within five (5) DAYS through eJuror.

POSTPONEMENT REQUESTS may be made using eJuror. Questions should be directed to the Jury Administrator's Office at (702) 464-5600, press 0.

HARDSHIP EXCUSE REQUESTS may be made through the eJuror system. You must RESPOND to your summons before you will be allowed to request an excuse. If you do not wish to request an excuse through eJuror you may submit a written request using any of the following methods. Include your name, daytime phone number and participant number. Excuse request are NOT granted by phone.

FAX 702-464-5611
MAIL to the address in the upper left corner of your summons.


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If you LIVE 80 MILES or more (one way) from the Courthouse please call the Jury Office (702) 464-5600, press 0, for additional information regarding travel and per diem payments.

A strict DRESS CODE is enforced. Shorts, T-shirts, halter tops, caps, hats, sunglasses (unless prescribed for indoor use), torn or cut clothing or any other brief attire are not permitted to be worn in the courtroom.

You MAY NOT bring weapons of any kind (including pocket knives and knitting needles), pepper spray, or newspapers into the Courthouse.

You MAY bring cellular phones, beepers, laptop computers, PDAs books, magazines and work related paperwork. All items brought into the Courthouse are subject to search and ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES must be in working order and MUST be turned OFF while in the courtroom.

Food and drink is NOT PERMITTED in the courtroom, unless previously approved by the Jury Office (medical reasons, etc)

The doors of the Lloyd D. George U. S. Courthouse open at 7:30 a.m. Please schedule your arrival time accordingly to avoid waiting outside the building.

A PICTURE ID IS REQUIRED to enter the Courthouse.

Questions should be directed to the Jury Office, (702) 464-5600, press 0. You may leave a message at any time and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

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The Lloyd D. George U.S. Courthouse is located at 333 Las Vegas Blvd, South, on the east side of the street between Bridger and Clark Streets.

The Fremont Experience Parking Garage (Allright Sierra Parking Garage) is located between Las Vegas Blvd. and Carson Streets; Fremont and 4th Streets, (1 block north of the Courthouse) Enter from 4th Street (4th Street is a one-way street running south to north). 

  • Bring your jury summons with you as entry to the parking facility may be limited to those people appearing for jury duty.
  • Bring your parking ticket to Court for validation.
  • No juror should be parked at a meter unless instructed by the Court. You will not be allowed to leave jury section to put additional money in the meter.
  • Jurors may leave the parking facility throughout the day. A new ticket will be issued upon reentry. Bring this additional ticket to the court for validation.

HANDICAP PARKING is available if your are selected to serve on a jury. It is not available the day of jury selection. If you are selected to serve on a jury and require handicap parking please contact the jury office at 702-464-5627.

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Please be advised pursuant to United States Code, Title 28, Section 1866(g), "Any person summoned for jury service who fails to appear as directed shall be ordered by the district court to appear forthwith and show cause for his failure to comply with the summons. Any person who fails to show good cause for noncompliance with a summons may be fined not more than $1000 or imprisoned not more than three days, or both."

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Jurors are paid an attendance fee of $40.00 per day in addition to round trip mileage from their homes to the Court.

Those jurors who, due to distance, have traveled the day before the reporting date, or who will remain overnight while serving as a juror, will be paid a subsistence fee for each day. To receive the subsistence fee the juror must complete an affidavit and return it to the clerk the first day of service. The clerk will provide the juror with the affidavit. You may call the Jury Office (702) 464-5600 for the exact subsistence fee.

Jurors' checks are issued within two weeks of the conclusion of jury service. A subvoucher will be mailed to you along with your check. The subvoucher will indicate the dates of service and all monies paid. Keep your subvoucher as proof of service. You may be excused from further jury service if summoned within two years, however, you need to provide the court proof of your service.

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The United States District Court, for the District of Nevada, is engaged in a "One Day or One Trial" jury selection process. When a prospective juror is summoned to appear and reports for jury selection he or she has fulfilled their "one day" appearance requirement regardless of whether they are selected or not.

If prospective jurors are selected to participate in the trial, they will have fulfilled their "one trial" requirement at the conclusion of the trial.

After making one appearance, or upon completion of the trial for which they have been impaneled, jurors may be excused from federal jury service for a period of two years.

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The Southern Division of Nevada draws their prospective jurors from the registered voters of Clark, Esmeralda, Lincoln, and Nye Counties. A random system is used for issuance of questionnaires and summons.

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Smoking is banned in Federal buildings. Therefore, smoking is not permitted in this courthouse. Jurors may smoke on the jury patio during orientation or on the front patio during breaks. You will be required to reenter through the metal detectors at the front door if you exit the building.

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While the information presented above is accurate as of the date of publication, it should not be cited or relied upon as legal authority. It is highly recommended that legal advice be obtained from an attorney or legal association.

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